Spotify launches a dedicated Kids app for Premium Family subscribers

Spotify has launched a dedicated Kids application in an attempt to increase family subscriptions.

The new Kids app will allow kids 3 and above to hear their favourite music, both offline and online, and also explore recommendations and playlists selected by specialists and much more. In fact, the music selection also has been filtered so that songs don’t have any explicit content.

Kids, typically, sign in via the same music streaming application using their parents’ subscription plans. However, this new launch by Spotify is the first one in the music streaming zone which allows kids to have their own personal space, where the content is curated by experts and where music is available to enjoy in a free-from-ad environment.

Essentially, Spotify Kids app comprises of a list of hand-curated playlists across different categories such as Activities, Movies and TV, genres, top hits, Spotify Originals, seasonal, Stories and artist/group.

Human editors, and not algorithms, have programmed the playlists in the app. Besides, the playlists are picked by means of one set of regulations related to what is appropriate for the kids.

The new Kids app is not only for preschool children but instead can grow as the kids get older. The parents get to choose the age group of their child upon the app’s launch.