Steam Remote Play Together is now available to try in beta

Valve has released a new attribute known as ‘Remote Play Together’ for Steam which enables players to play split-screen or local multi-player games on remote computers together.

‘Remote Play Together’ was initially revealed to the developers few weeks ago via Steamworks official site. The feature enables Steam participants to play games which are generally limited to split-screen or local option of multiplayer. As per Valve, the system can support up to 4 players at a time and can even support more players under ideal conditions. Besides, just the host is required to own a game and get it installed. The other participants can stream that game with the help of ‘Steam Remote Play.’

After the host launches the game, he/she can send invites to other participants using the option ‘Remote Play Together’ available in his/her friends list on Steam Overlay. As and when an invitation gets accepted by the participants, they will automatically be connected via voice chat. In order to make sure that there isn’t any unexpected surprise, just the game gets shared with the other participants and not any other information, said Valve. The player will have the choice to share or else limit the access to mouse or keyboard.

Notably, the ‘Remote Play Together’ feature is now available for download for beta Steam participants.