Tattoo Artist Ben Shaw Adamant On Spreading Awareness About Ethical Practices In Tattoo Industry

New Mexico based Ben Shaw is a tattoo artist who has taken it upon on his shoulders to spread awareness in the Tattoo industry and about the industry to the customers. He wants to contribute to the growing New Mexico tattoo industry by passionately working as the New Mexico Guild of Ethical Tattooists’ co-founder and through his tattoo studio ‘Archetype Tattoo’.

Shaw was passionate about tattoo making since he was a kid. He got his first tattoo when he was 16 and today 70 percent of his body is covered in tattoos. At 20 he started his own tattoo business. Twenty years experience in the industry, one can be assured this man knows what he is talking about when he says one should get tattoos done ethically and with all precautions.

Excellent work has led Shaw to expand his business and establish his brand name in New Mexico’s largest city- Albuquerque. Along with the expansion of his business he is also working as a host at Art Fusion. There he promotes the ethical tattooing practices.

Shaw has been constantly raising his voice to highlight the illegal and unlicensed practice of Tattooing by various artists and studios. He is making sure that people are aware of what they are getting into. He is also working with other tattoo artists to make the industry grow in a healthy way. Shaw wants the artists to use the correct techniques while tattooing and to practice it in a hygienic environment thus improving the art of tattoo making.