Tesla Roadster production car will exceed insane prototype ‘in every way:’ Chief of Design

Tesla Chief of Design Franz von Holzhausen made an appearance at ‘Ride the Lightning’ podcast hosted by Ryan McCaffrey recently and offered many key insights in the company’s design process for a series of vehicles, including the new next-gen Roadster.

Von Holzhausen spoke about the ‘halo’ vehicle of the company and said that the complete-electric car has been under an evolution process since the time it was initially unveiled. He added that the new changes will make the final Roadster production car much more impressive in comparison to the already incredible prototype we have seen.

Well, the initial next-generation Roadster specifications are after all already insane, with 0 to 60mph time in 1.9 seconds, the highest speed of the car being more than 250mph as well as its 620 miles distance coverage per charge because of its amazing 200kWh battery size.

With such next-level specifications already, it is indeed quite difficult to imagine what the final extreme production version will be like.

Notably, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla has already said that the next-gen extreme Roadster model will have just 10,000 production units per year. That is far more than what other complete-electric hypercar manufacturers like Rimac offer. But still, it’s low in comparison to the yearly production of Tesla Model 3 and Model X, S.