The Passionate Creative: P Double Is Dropping His Best Music Yet

Switching careers can be a terrifying task to do and it most likely isn’t easy for just anyone.

P Double, who started out as a professional dancer, has yet again done the unthinkable by pursuing a career in music after launching a successful career in dance.

The talented artist grew up in a dance environment and discusses that although dancing is still one of his major passions, making music is truly where his heart lies.

P Double did exactly what his heart and mind were telling him to do and decided to become a recording artist; and boy are we lucky.

When Im creating, my main focus is always finding my truth in that present moment. No matter what Im feeling, its about capturing those emotions in the most pure or vulnerable form without losing any color in the translation of verbalizing them. I jot everything down in my notes on my phone. My ear hustle is crazy. Some one could say something right now that could lend itself to be a song. My job is to be ready to catch the inspiration when it’s in front of me and not let it elusively fly over my head.

P Double is very open and honest about how he feels and what he is doing in his day-to-day life in order to become successful.

He came from humble beginnings and always expresses that people need to stay true to themselves under all circumstances.

P Double believes that being happy and passionate is truly all that matters at the end of the day.

A very refreshing statement to hear from P Double and something that he confides in any aspires artists to do who look up to him.

We don’t expect anything other than greatness from P Double as his newest single has hit over already surpassed 18,000 streams across Spotify alone.

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