The Pixel 4 is more like an iPhone than any other Android phone

Google recently began shipping its Pixel 4 smartphone and it’s quite similar to an Apple iPhone than compared to any other Android smartphone, as per The Verge.

Google has offered a no. of new things with its Pixel 4 in order to make it appealing to the iPhone users. The phone’s basic navigation mechanism has changed to gestures now by default with the Android 10 OS. And, it is nearly similar to gestures which Apple had derived from webOS for its iPhone X about 2 years ago.

Besides these new gestures, the tech giant has also incorporated its own new Face ID version. The feature works by automatically unlocking the phone’s lock screen in order to get the user straight into the phone, without even touching the display. Well, the Pixel 4 face unlock feature seems much better than compared to any other face sensor found on any Android phones. It also works with websites, Google Pay and even 3rd-party applications such as 1Password. Apart from this, there is also a ‘Screen Attention’ feature available which prevents the phone’s display from turning off if the user is still looking actively at it.

Moreover, Google’s in-built core Android applications like Google Photos are also much better to what Apple offers with its iOS.

To conclude, Google is indeed filling up the space between iOS and Android and we’ll have to keep a check to know if it goes even further to make a huge leap.