The Success Story of Mo Abboud is a Real-Life Rags to Riches Story

Mo Abboud was born in Syria and lived there until he was 13 years of age. Then his family moved to America. He and his family had to work hard to get by, and he struggled a lot. Abboud worked at McDonald’s when he was a teenager, and tried to save some money. Working there taught him the value of money and hard work.

After working at McDonald’s, he tried his hands at many things as he worked with many start-ups. He helped to turn them into profitable companies through social media. Soon after helping start ups, he moved into the music industry. Abboud owned a  music studio in Burke, VA, and worked with artists such as Travis Scott, Juicy J, Sean Tizzle, Tommy Tattz, Ali Kulture.

He left the music scene after two years and is now into real estate. Abboud’s hard work and the ability to adapt had made him successful. He opened his own landscaping company, “neat gardens.” Abboud’s transition to real estate was swift and successful.

Now, Mo Abboud is a real estate agent with Samson Properties in Chantilly, VA, and nearby areas. His job is to provide professional and responsive real estate services to home buyers and sellers. Abboud is an example of success for anyone struggling to make ends meet.

Mo Abboud considers Ghassan Abboud as his role model, whom he met a couple of times at family events. Ghassan Abboud has earned an international reputation for being an entrepreneur. Mo Abboud strives to be as successful as Ghassan one day. His story is a real-life rags to riches story, from slums of Syria to real estate in VA.

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