Thomas Girard: Canadian scholar releases Emerging Scholar book

Thomas is a world-renowned designer scholar, User experience consultant, lecturer, and speaker hailing from Canada. Girard is a communications and industrial freelance designer known for working on projects with global independent artists alongside teaching students. Girard has more than a decade of work experience and has been awarded the Emerging Scholar Achievement four times. He has spoken at universities and institutions throughout Canada and around the world.

Girard, after working as an interface designer at several firms after his graduation, moved to China. His time there played an important role in his artistic journey and has been instrumental in shaping his creative persona. He was thoroughly inspired by The industrial revolution that could be seen in his works. Since his return from China, Thomas has been preeminently active in the creative community sharing his knowledge and experience by assuming multiple teaching roles. He was an assistant professor in Mumbai and taught Visual Communication in Delhi and Shanghai. In 2018, Girard was a; so named Assistant Professor at the University of D.Y. Patil in India.

With the recent turn of events, Thomas decided to document his former talks, essays, research, and abstracts in a single compilation under the title ‘Emerging Scholar‘. This book is primarily a collection of Thomas’s journey as a scholar up until now, comprising integral aspects of his career. 

Girard has always been a person who is inclined towards exploring facets of his/her industry and dwelling deep to unravel the obscure aspects of it all. This has been clearly evident in his studies, research, teaching patterns, abstracts, social media posts, and even in everyday conversations. As an active keynote speaker, Thomas has also appeared at several events shedding light on his perspective and where he comes from. To take this curiosity and the ability to share one’s knowledge, Girard decided to compile his life’s work on a single platform – his debut book titled  ‘Emerging Scholar.’

Emerging Scholar is not merely a compilation of a multitude of sources, it is in itself a journey that traces Thomas’s life connecting the dots that led him to the place he is in today – a prolific scholar adept in several disciplines. It is a culmination of Thomas’s knowledge In his select academic activities and numerous life experiences. 

It is evident that Thomas Girard has the ability to express his thoughts so as to be able to relate to and reflect on listeners instantly, along with Integrating conceptual development with a number of practical techniques. This quality of Girard has made him a successful scholar and speaker and, by extension, an influencer of the new era. 

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