TikTok Acquire Licenses to Promote Independent Labels

Considered to be one of the fastest-growing video apps, TikTok is now creating new music streaming app service for all the independent singers and composers. Just like Spotify, Amazon Music, etc., TikTok has also planned a deal with Merlin that can help them launch the app globally.

Merlin is known to be one of the best global agencies that represent thousands of independent music albums. It further involves millions of artists who can legally represent their music on the platform. The news has become viral as TikTok has become one of the major companies to introduce something like this in their platform.

This deal will include the mainstay short-form videos that play a crucial role in the music industry and new services consisting of music streaming. The Global head of TikTok said in an interview that all the independent artists and new labels would play a significant part in this deal on TikTok. He stated, “Independent artists and labels are such a crucial part of music creation and consumption on TikTok.” 

He further noted that TikTok is extremely happy signing this deal with Merlin and bringing the family together across a single community. The app will give more space to the individual composers and signers and a chance to them that can connect them to the diverse population of TikTok.

Ole Obermann further stated,  “We’re excited to partner with Merlin to bring their family of labels to the TikTok community. The breadth and diversity of the catalog present our users with an even larger canvas from which to create while giving independent artists the opportunity to connect with TikTok’s diverse community.” Stay tuned for more updates!