Too Lost’s Unique Business Model Provides Artists with Affordable Marketing Tools & Brand Building Support Services

Too Lost has come as a boon or blessing for independent artists and labels to grow their music businesses by distributing their music to new domains in the music world. Founded in New York City by a pair of publishing and distribution insiders, the digital music distribution company works on a unique business model.

Due to this, Too Lost provides independent musicians and labels with affordable marketing tools and brand building support services. The digital music distributor CEO Gregory Hirschhorn has said that Too Lost has put an end to the disservice of major music organizations.

Today, independent artists pay a heavy price to get their songs in front of their target audience. Major music organizations made them give away their copyrights and master recordings. Many independent artists often end up giving up on their dreams due to the tough music distribution process.

Gregory Hirschhorn, CEO of Too Lost, works with the largest music services across the globe to provide efficient and unlimited distribution services for independent labels & artists. Too Lost allows its clients to take full control of their earnings and businesses by providing transparent music distribution services at affordable prices of $2.99 a month or $19.99 a year in total.

The list of services provided by Too Lost includes playlist promotions, monetary advance funding, anti-piracy software, music publishing services, and cover song licensing. The digital music distribution service also allows artists to set up payment splits to automatically make payments to managers, producers, and other collaborators.

Too Lost gives artists access to more than 250 music stores and streaming devices such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon, Shazam, TikTok, etc, at a global level. Too Lost has extended its reach to 200 global territories and rising music markets namely, Asia, South Africa, and South America. It uses machine learning to provide efficient service to clients to help them manage their businesses with full control.


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