Top 11 Rooting Apps For Rooting Android Without PC in 2019

Did you know? A rooted Android phone can be ten times more potent than the same device without rooting. Anyway, today I’m back with the best rooting apps for Android, as well as an additional tutorial on how to root Android without a PC or computer.

Rooting an Android is not a difficult task to do. If you are new to rooting, it could be difficult to root Android without a PC. Well, do not worry, my friend, I’m here to help you.
The Android market contains many root apps, but I chose the best ones for you.

In a few moments you will get useful information, so keep reading.

What Does Rooting Mean in Android?

Rooting an Android phone or tablet means removing restrictions and limitations on the device to perform tasks that are impossible to accomplish. Let’s understand it with an example.
Suppose you are a student at school (Android phone), and the school staff (phone company) limits you for what you should do and what you should not do, but you have deleted ( rooted the phone) your powers (applications) — rooting).
So now you can enjoy school without any rules, you can also do what you want. In the same way, you can do what you want with your Android phone after you delete it. Rooting is also known to be superuser access.
Whereas the term hacking means breaching the security wall of a computer or device to gain remote access.
I hope you understand what it means to root an Android phone.

Benefits of rooting an Android phone:

Probably, if you want to root your Android device, you must know the benefits of rooting. Obtaining root privileges on Android phones offers countless benefits.

Below are some of the benefits that force users to root Android without a PC.

  • Custom Roms: The primary reason that most root Android device users install custom ROMs. Yes, custom ROMs are a great way to test the latest version of Android, even if your device has not received newer updates.
  • Installation of incompatible applications: Most super applications require root access to run on any Android device. These are the applications that can help us customize and modify the hardware and software of the system. You can even install the Doby Atmos sound to increase the sound of your phone.
  • CPU OverClocking: we can synchronize the processor according to our uses. Decreasing the CPU frequency may result in an extended backup of the battery. Kernel Auditor is the application for synchronizing the CPU.
  • Impressive battery and speed: Battery backup is one of the important factors that drive users to root their Android devices. We can use applications such as Greenify to eliminate applications in the background, resulting in a better backup.
  • Full backups: You can not back up the entire device without rooting. On the other hand, root phones have applications such as titanium backup, which can fully support our device, including game progress.
  • Ad Blocking: I know that annoyance from browsing sites or running context-sensitive apps is killing our feelings. This is not a problem for rooted androids because there are good ad blockers to block all types of ads.
  • Bloatware removal: smartphone brands are very interested in their marketing strategies. Without thinking of the user experience, they fill the devices with many stupid apps. There are many applications for rooted devices to eliminate these applications.
  • Personalization: Once your Android device is rooted, you can give it the impression you want. There are many xposed modules available to bring the word “personalization” to the next level.

Disadvantages of rooting Android phones:

Each pill has very similar side effects, is the case of rooting. Some disadvantages or risk factors are also involved. These risks are not dangerous if you already know how to root an Android phone.

  • The danger of locking your phone: a simple and incorrect action can turn your device into an unusable piece of brick. Flexible brick devices can be repaired, but hard brick devices can only be resolved by changing the phone’s motherboard.
  • Warranty Void: most brands do not allow rooting and void the guarantee after obtaining root access. So you have to confirm with the customer service of your phone.
  • Interruptions of updates: most users who root their Android phones face the problem of automatic updates. In this case, you will not receive official updates. You must update your device manually.
  • Security problems: the installation of the Android device produces a greater loss of security. You must be careful before using banking applications. The reason behind this is that root applications do not guarantee security but open the doors to hackers.
  • Virus injections: Many superuser applications contain dangerous viruses that can damage your Android phone.
  • Ad blocking: this is indirectly a disadvantage because the owner of the application or website makes money with the ads, which helps them grow. It is a good idea to participate a bit and allow the ads to support the editors.


Here are some things to remember before rooting an Android device. Be sure to follow these points to avoid any risk or failure.

  • The boot manager of your device must be unlocked.
  • The phone must be charged at least 70%.
  • Take a back up of your data (recommended).
  • Go to Settings> Developer options> USB debugging> Enable it.
  • This tutorial is for educational purposes only. If something bad happened to you and your device, we will not be responsible.

How to Root Android Without a PC or a Computer

Well, it’s easy for you to root Android without a PC. This is the era of root applications in a single click to facilitate our work. Things are very complicated for beginners to do the whole process of rooting, do not worry, it will be easy to root your phone.
Simply follow each step carefully, and you are ready to change.

  • Select Settings> Security settings> Developer options> USB debugging> Enable it.
  • Download any rooting application from the following list and install it. (This will give you warnings, do not worry, click Install anyway).
  • Each rooting application has a particular button to root the device. Just click on this button.
  • Just wait for the process to end. will restart your device automatically (some cases do not restart automatically)
  • Congratulations, your Android phone is now properly rooted.

Benefits of using Android One Click Root Applications

According to my research, most newbies listen to rooted social networks, especially Facebook groups and YouTube videos (ask on Android for specific activities)

Most people consider rooting to be complicated after discovering it.
It is not rocket science, and with ample knowledge, it would be easier than you think.
These are some of the significant benefits of using these applications to obtain root access.

  • Does not require a PC or computer. Yes, you can root Android without a PC.
  • Most of the time, these applications are safe.
  • There is a little opportunity, if not equal, to damage your Android phone.
  • One-click root applications are always easy to use (ideal for beginners).
  • Free, you do not need to buy them.
  • The fastest way to root Android without a PC (press the root button, and you’re done).
  • Perform a data backup always
  • You can install any Android version (Gingerbread 2.2, Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0- 4.1, Jellybean 4.2-4.3, KitKat 4.4, Lollipop 5.0-5.1, Marshmallow 6.0-6.0.1, Nougat 7.0-7.0.1).
  • Also root the Android device of all brands (Samsung, Xiaomi, Lava, Micromax, Gionee, Oppo, Vivo, HTC, Sony, Nokia 6, Meizu and others).
  • Rooting Android without losing data.

Finally, he has discovered some of the benefits of these rooting applications for Android without a PC. In a few moments, you will find the functions and functioning of these rooting applications that you continue reading.

Note: the new devices do not get root access with these applications. Because companies publish the latest devices with the bootloader blocked. To ensure successful rooting, first, open your phone’s boot manager.

Many applications available on the Internet indicate that you can root any Android without a computer.
Most applications do not work at all. They contain malware to infect your device.
Thanks to numerous surveys, I discovered applications that can surely use Android without root. So let’s find more information about these apk roots.

1- KingRoot

Kingroot is one of the best applications for rooting an Android device. The Kingroot studio has created the Kingroot app since. The application grounds many claims. The app is the most popular and has millions of downloads and good general ratings.


• Kingroot is simple and easy to use (better for lazy people).
• Rooting for almost all Android phones (Android 2.2 to 5.0).
• Integrated non-root option.
• The pre-installed Purify tool (saves battery and optimizes the device).
• Root/release the device in one click.
• Free.


• Requires an Internet connection to root the device.
• The ads appear on our lock screen.
• Only Root 5.0 Lollipop or lower versions can be used.

How to root Android with Kingroot apk

• Download and install the Kingroot app (ignore the warning and install it anyway).
• Click Test Now to access the main interface.
• Now, click get now and wait for the message to come from your phone.
• Now this will show that your device is rooted.

2- Framaroot

Framaroot is another of the best apps for rooting Android devices. Framaroot seems pretty simple, but it’s a powerful tool for Android devices to get root access.
Since the launch of Framaroot, most Android users prefer it to other rooting applications. Most of the time, you can root any Android device with an open boot manager. It has a success rate of rooting a smartphone.


• Simple but powerful Android application.
• Framaroot is compatible with a wide range of devices.
• Access the root for some manipulations.
• Unroot built-in function.
• Free for all devices.
• No ads (not very sure, but do not face an ad).
• You can try Android Root without a PC.


• Framaroot can only root devices with Android 4.0 or later.
• The internet connection is essential for root access.
• Some of the latest devices are no longer compatible.

How to root Android using Framaroot apk

• Download and install the latest version of Framaroot
• Open the application and choose to install SuperSu.
• Now select Aragorn or Boromir.
• Then you will see rooted successfully.
• Now restart your device and enjoy it.

3- KingoRoot

KingoRoot is one of the most popular rooting apps for Android. If I have to vote for the best rooting app for Android, I will blindly choose KingoRoot. Why KingoRoot? KingoRoot is the fastest application for rooting the device with one click.
Most people could not differentiate Kingroot from KingoRoot, but they are different and belong to several owners.


• The fastest app to root any Android with just one click.
• We can get Android Root without PC / computer.
• No need to buy (free).
• Kingoroot Roots on almost all Android phones.
• KingoRoot is also compatible with the latest Android Nougat devices.
• Easy to use (suitable for beginners).
• There is no risk of injury to your device (most of the time).


• Like the other Root winners, KingoRoot requests an internet connection.
• Annoying ads.

How to root Android using KingoRoot apk

• Download and install KingoRoot apk.
• Open the application and press the No root button.
• Wait until the process is 100% complete.
• Now he will show you a message “rooted successfully.”
• Restart your Android phone and enjoy.

4- One Click Root

A click on the root is another better application for superuser access. As its name implies, the root of a click is designed to root Android devices with one click.

Its simplicity and easy-to-use interface allow me to use the root in one click. The best of the root in one click is the built-in live chat support, just in case you want it.


• Simple and clean user interface.
• Easy to use even if you are a beginner.
• One click on any Android phone.
• Built-in support for live chat and messages.
• Android root without connection to a PC or computer.
• It’s a free application.


• A click on the root requires Internet access.
• Contains ads.
• Some devices cannot be rooted in one click.

How to root Android phones using the One Click Root apk.

• Download and install One Click Root apk.
• Open it and click Root Device.
• Now you will be asked to install an application; you need to transmit it.
• Click Scan now and wait to check if your device is rootable or not.
• If you can access your phone from the root, press the Root button.
• Now that your device is rooted restart successfully.

5- TowelRoot

TowelRoot is another useful application for rooting an Android without a computer. George GeoHot created this great application. TowelRoot has arrived on the Web with its new feat and ability to root Android without a PC.
With one click, you’re ready to access the root user on your Android phone. Bad luck for Samsung and HTC users because TowelRoot is not compatible with their phones.


• Powerful explosion for superuser access.
• The on-demand solution for any Android smartphone.
• Safe and easy to use.
• No need to invest in TowelRoot.
• You can also use the roots of the Towelot website for root phones.
• TowelRoot can root Android without a PC / computer.


• Some Samsung and HTC phones are not compatible with TowelRoot.
• TowelRoot wants an Internet connection for the installation of Su.
How to root Android without a PC using the Towelroot application.
• Download and install TowelRoot apk.
• Open the application and press MakeItRain.
• Wait for the exploit to install SuperSu.
• Your Android phone will now have access to the SU.

6- iROOT App

iRoot is another simple but useful application for Android. The iroot application has many features.
Over time, iRoot has become one of the fastest applications to get root permissions with one click. With some useful features, iRoot also irritates us with a lot of ads and stuffing software inside.
The worst thing I have to do with iRoot is that its language is Chinese and we can not change it. Hopefully, the Get Root Access button is in English.
Just press the “Get root access” button, which will root our device. The best thing about iRoot is that we can install Android without a PC, we do not need to buy a toolbox.

Download – iRoot application

7- Root Master

Root Master is the best application for beginners. He won my heart because of his simple user interface. The app has no bloatware nor advertising, the most straightforward and most natural to use.
Root Master is the cleanest rooting application. In the navigation menu, we have three shortcuts (Share, Comments, About).
Application Center contains a big Start button in a circle. We should click the Start button to root our Android without a computer.
Well, I tried the application, and I did not find any significant problem. I would recommend Root Master to anyone looking for simple and powerful rooting use.

Download: Root Master app.

8- Z4Root App

At one time, Z4Root was available on the Play Store, but Google was removing the application from its system. The reason was that all rooting apps were contrary to the rules of the Play Store.
Anyway, talking about Z4Root apk is one of the underrated apps. The user interface of Z4Root is clean, and no bloatware software is preinstalled. Z4Root apk is one of the underestimated applications.
We have three options in the application start screen (temporary root, permanent root, unroot). You must click on one of them.

Download: Z4Root App

9- Universal Androot

Today, many people prefer the global root of Android to other applications. The main reason behind this is that it can root most Android phones.
The universal root of Android is one of the popular rooting applications. Android’s universal root and its powers.
How to root Android without PC using Universal Android Root?
Download and install the latest version of Android Root apk.

Download Universal Androot

• Open Universal Root Android and choose the correct Android version.
• Now click on the Root button and see the end of the process.
• Restart your phone the completed operation.
Universal Androot has the possibility to unroot the phone.

10- Baidu Root

Baidu Root is also one of the most used applications and is quite famous among Android users. Baidu root is particularly prevalent in China.
Well, the root of Baidu has a greater possibility of rooting, which makes it unique. Baidu is compatible with more than 6000 Android phones and can install Android 2.2 on Android 4.4.
Baidu is safe and is the product of the famous Chinese company Baidu Inc. You can quickly locate your Android phone with Baidu.
First, download the Baidu Root application from the following link. Now, install it and open it, wait until it is fully charged. Just press the Android root button, you only have a few seconds to install SuperSu.
You can use Baidu Root, which is one of the best rooting apps for Android.

Download: Baidu Root apk.


So you root your phone for the first time. The automatic root of CF is the best root of apk for beginners. Auto root mode works with Samsung Galaxy devices, but you can also use the root function for other phones.

Whatever you want, download the latest version of CF Auto root from the following link. Now, open and choose your phone from the list. Then download the file from the link to the name of your device.
After that, click on the main button. Now that your phone is rooted restart and enjoy the benefits of Root.

Download: CF Auto Root

How to verify that the phone is rooted or not?

Are you sure if your phone is rooted or not? Do not worry about my friend; you can check in a few touches, follow the steps below. There is an application to check the status of the root of any Android device. This application is 100% accurate at the moment in which one of the new ones is a self-service device and machine.

  • Download and install the Root Checker apk.

Root Checker
Price: Free
  • Open the application and click on the root verification button.
  • Wait a few moments and let him scan your device.
  • “Congratulations” message has been installed on your phone. It means that your phone is rooted.

Note: If the greeting message is not displayed, your Android phone is not rooted. You must carefully follow the steps above for successful rooting. Another option if your phone is locked, these Android apks will not work. You will unlock the boot loader yourself before starting the rooting process.

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