Vine Reboot Byte is now Officially Launched – Check it out!

After the co-founder Dom Hofmann had announced about two years back that he is creating a short-form video app, Byte is now formally launched in the market. Yes, it’s been made official. It has made its debut on platforms of Apple and Android successfully today i.e. on the 25th of Jan. 2020.

Byte, which is the latest looping video app, allows you to shoot and upload on the platform and share it with your friends and families. However, there’s a time frame to the videos that you are going upload on the website, that is, six seconds. This means that you cannot include any objectionable contents in the video as you will have to convey the message to your audience within six seconds.

The byte app is well-equipped with all the features that are required for you to smoothen your life. Starting from the elements such as feed, exploring pages, notifications, to profiles, everything is present in the app. Although the Byte app presently lacks remix-ability, transition effects, and many more other features, still it gives you an efficient platform to promote your products and services.

The byte is also considered to be one of the best platforms to make money online. Moreover, it’s the platform that you can use to generate revenue and improve your company’s ROI to a significant extent. Check out the features by reading more about Byte. Do share with us your feedback about how did you like the byte app.