When In Doubt Regarding A check, Call The Bank

If an individual tries to cash an illegitimate check they can get into legal trouble. It is important to make sure the check is legitimate before it is produced to get cashed. A person failing to do so can end up getting ripped off and facing legal actions from the bank eventually owing fees to the bank. The common scammers try to pay you using a fake check.

Later they ask you to either wire money or give cash back to the check writer as the check bounces. Some are thieves who try to get you in trouble by cashing a check for somebody else. Certain scammers sign a check over to somebody so that they can cash it for you but the cash never reaches you.

It is best to call the bank whenever you are in a doubt. They can tell you whether there are funds in the account before you try en-cashing it. In case you are not sure about the legitimacy of the check, then you can directly take it to the check writer’s bank or you can wait for a few weeks after depositing the check before using the money.

You can choose to cash the check or deposit it upon receiving it. While negotiating the check, keep the fees to a minimum and avoid expensive mistakes. Simply go to a bank or Check Cashing 247 service where you have an account to cash the check. In case you don’t have an account then ask whether you will need to pay any fees to cash a check and look for less expensive options to do so.

You can endorse the back of the check by signing in the endorsement area, fill the deposit slip if asked and sign it too before showing the ID for verification to the teller. You will get your cash as soon as all the criteria are met. You can then safely take the cash and leave the premises.

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