Whiskey Enthusiasts Are Feeling Different Emotions When It Comes To Blended Whiskeys

Whiskey enthusiasts often have discussions around how good the blended whiskey is. They are looking to find out whether blended whiskey can really be termed whiskey as by American standards a blended whiskey contains less than 20 percent of bourbon and the remaining portion is grain spirits. They are still trying to revolve their heads around how good blended whiskeys like a Texas Ranger Whiskey can be.

Blended whiskey contains a mixture of 20 percent whiskey and the rest is made up from colorings, flavorings, and neutral grain spirits leaving the market open to create many blends of different standards and quality available at cheaper prices. There is a broad spectrum in the blended whiskey options in the market. The blended whiskey in America can be a great blend, a decent tasting cheap drink to an absolutely awful drink that is nowhere near to a good whiskey.

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The broad spectrum exists as the minimum amount of whiskey needed in the blended whiskey is 20 percent as mentioned before, thus only the highest reviewed brands are actually blending the highest amount of whiskey in the mixture with no added neutral spirits or colorings and just a blend of bourbons, scotch or whiskey as mentioned on their bottles.

The other 80 percent of the drink has the neutral grain spirits, color and flavor which is essentially a grain spirit tasting like vodka, distilled until it is almost pure alcohol lending that aftertaste to blended whiskeys which isn’t liked much by the whiskey lovers.

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